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The cheese unit "GENNA" is based in the homonymous village of Heraklion, Crete, and lead by Stavrow Vrentzos, has been active in the production of milk products for many decades.

A source of inspiration for the visibility of the image of our business and corporate identity is the photo of the breeder of the Vrentzos family, who loves giving a candy to the goat. This image accompanies and distinguishes our business which is based on family tradition.

Genna is a mountainous village where our cattle-breeding and cheese-making unit is housed, having the most favorable climatic conditions for animal husbandry and hence the quality of its derivatives. The cheese unit "GENNA" promotes a large part of the Cretan tradition through the production of pure cheese products of exceptional quality and unique taste.



Trust the experience of tradition, which, combined with the modern means, creates special products, known all over Greece.

We are at your disposal for any information.